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Richmond Park

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30 January 2010

This park is the largest open space in London and comes complete with about 700 free roaming deer. Don’t expect well cut lawn and well groomed bushes. This is not your usual urban park even though it’s in London. Some areas surrounding the lakes are like marshlands. We brought our “wellies” along and managed to get through the mud with minimal fuss.

Leng Yeow

Wearing wellingtons for the first time
A robin
King Henry’s Mound. 
From King Henry’s Mound, follow the floor marking to view St Paul’s Cathedral(below) about 10 miles away.
This is Ham House as seen from King Henry’s Mound.
All creatures welcome to walk.
We encountered a herd of deer.
I have always wondered how dogs can herd animals much larger in size such as sheep or cattle. Today I watched a playful jack russell in action and was amazed. The whole herd actually retreated away from this small dog even though one kick from any deer will be a goner for the dog. 
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